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May 18th - June 29th | AP Automation Webinars

Join us throughout May and June for four webinars on how AP Automation can help your business!

May 18th - June 29th | AP Automation Webinars Image

Join us throughout May and June for four webinars on how AP Automation can help your business!


Many organisations are spending more than necessary on their Procure2Pay processes, lack visibility of key metrics and are missing out on key supplier discounts. Analysis has shown that those who have transformed their process can achieve savings of up to 50%. This series of webinars starts by considering the challenges of Procure2Pay and the benefits of transformation and then in increasing detail illustrates our solution, its impact on the AP organisation and how it is architected and implemented.

Please join us for the following webinars, each one is self-contained and can be attended independently.


May 18th | Transforming the P2P Process

With certain companies expereincing a 50% reduction (on average) per invoice and an increased competititive advantage when compared to peers, upgrading your P2P Process is vital!

If you are responsible for any part of the P2P Process or just curious on how Redfaire can help companies with P2P issues please join us for this webinar.

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June 1st | Five Ways to Liberate Your AP Team

In this webinar we describe how Accounts Payable Automation can deliver a fundamental change to this key business process resulting in lower processing costs per invoice with best in class achieving costs at 50% lower than average.

Redfaire's AP Automation has been awarded Oracle Validated Integration status with JD Edwards.

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June 15th | Redfaire AP Automation

We will show you Redfaire's Ap Automation and discuss the key capabilities & benefits for our approach and the architecture of our solution. If you are responsible for AP as a business owner, Enterprise Architect, or involved in delivering IT Solutions this will be a vital webinar for you to catch. 

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June 29th | AP Automation in Modern Enterprise

What we have found is that even though companies have automated some finance department that this does not translate across other entities due to lack of scalability. 

Therefore the question “Is there a better way!” raises the bar in the Finance team.  At Redfaire we are constantly challenging this question and looking for the better way for our customers.    

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Thursday 18 May 2017
10:00 to 10:45 BST
11:00 to 11:45 CEST


  • Insight into tackling challenges.
  • Reduction of invoice costs.
  • Competitive advantage in industry.